Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the visually Impaired



We restore hope. We transform lives. ATRIEV is at the forefront of providing access to information technology for the blind in the Philippines & this has dramatically changed the lives of the Filipino blind.


For the past two decades, we have witnessed how technology brought the world closer together. And the blind, as a part of the global community, has taken full advantage of technology. Through the use of computers, the blind can now do what most sighted people can do: surf the web, send and receive emails, write articles, make calculations and even participate in social media.


Our IT-enabled training programs have produced blind contact center agents, virtual assistants, on-line content writers, transcriptionists, cross-sell agents software analyst and a search engine optimization manager. But technology is only a tool. ATRIEV also focuses on the blind person himself/herself when we conduct life skills workshops, personality development workshops, and work ethics.


Serving the blind is our purpose. So join us as we help the blind live in a truly inclusive society.


ATRIEV, Giving the Blind “A VISION BEYOND SIGHT” through Technology 











Going beyond what society dictates, a group of blind computer enthusiasts put up Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation, Integration and Empowerment of the Visually Impaired (ATRIEV), a computer training center for the blind way back 1994. As the only institution focused on computer-related services for the blind  in the Philippines, ATRIEV makes use of adaptive technology so that blind and sight impaired individuals will have access to higher education and mainstream employment.

Adaptive technology allows the blind to gain access to computer-based content through various software applications. The screen reader program translates every keystroke and mouse click into a vocal response. The screen magnification software allows font size changes, color contrast changes and color and shape changes of the mouse pointer.

With the use of these technologies, ATRIEV has conceptualized and implemented computer-related training programs like basic PC operations for the blind, English Language Communications and job-specific programs like Contact Center and Sales Training as well as Blog and Content Writing. ATRIEV also teaches blind persons to repair computer hardware and software through its PC Refurbishment Training. ATRIEV conducts new and industry-responsive training keeping in step with the rapid changes in technology.

Because of ATRIEV’s unique niche in information and communications technology, ATRIEV has produced many firsts: totally blind medical transcriptionist, low vision call center agents, visually impaired web content writers, visually impaired telesales agents, totally blind software developer and low vision SEO manager. For more of ATRIEV’s success stories, please visit the (provide the link) page.

Some may find it hard to believe that a visually impaired individual can successfully operate a computer by himself, but that in essence is what makes up ATRIEV’s success. At a time when blind people were limited to massage and music, ATRIEV worked to fight against the clichés and proved that as long as you have faith in your own capabilities and there are people and organizations willing to lend a helping hand, there are clearly no limits to what a person can do.





ATRIEV:  Prime mover in trailblazing life-changing opportunities for the blind through technology.




A developmental organization creating life-changing opportunities for the blind through technology.



Championing self-determination and quality of life primarily for the blind and other disabilities.


Primary Purpose:

 To initiate, implement and facilitate programs, services, projects and any and all ventures for the empowerment, rehabilitation, and integration of the blind or the visually impaired nationwide.