Ryan Teaches PC Operations

~~Ryan Casumpang was one of the first beneficiaries of Liliane Fonds, a developmental organization headquartered in The Netherlands,  way back 2007.

Ryan was born totally blind due to congenital glaucoma. He took his elementary schooling at Batino Elementary School where there is a SPED center. After completing his primary grade, he proceeded to quirino High School. After completing his high school studies, he took ATRIEV’s PC Operations course and English Language Communications Module.

Because of ryan’s enthusiasm for learning, he was immediately taken in by ATRIEV as an Assistant trainer. He handled the very first Digital Early Intervention Training (DEIT) of ATRIEV in 2008 where he taught visually impaired children from grade 4 to 6. He also participated in ATRIEV’s Training of Trainers at the National Computer Center held in the same year.

After his commendable performance as an assistant trainer, ATRIEV recommended ryan to AMA computer Learning Center in Paco for a two-year scholarship in Computer systems, Design and Programming (CSDP) Course. He successfully passed the qualifying exam and enrolled in the course in the school year of 2008.

But everything was not that easy. After one and a half semesters, ryan dropped from his course. Non compliance of his obligation as a scholar led ATRIEV to relieve him of all the support including those provided by Liliane fonds.

During Ryan’s absence from ATRIEV, he enrolled at the National Vocational Rehabilitation Center (NVRC) to take up massage. After two years of massage training, Ryan realized that his interest is in information technology. In 2013, he decided to continue his CSDP course at AMA Cubao. This time, he already paid for his school expenses.

Ryan’s motivation to complete his studies was his long time girlfriend, Joanna Marie, also visually impaired. Joanna completed her collegiate studies in Isabela province which led ryan to aspire for at least, a diploma course. In 2014, ryan successfully completed his CSDP Course NC IV. After completing his studies, he went back to ATRIEV to offer his services as a trainer once again. He took ATRIEV’s Android training in 2014 to upgrade his skills.

Ryan is currently one of ATRIEV’s community-based trainers. He has handled training programs in Camiling, Tarlac, Tagaytay City, Taytay, Rizal and at the Information and Communications technology Office (ICTO). Ryan is once again proving himself as one of the reliable trainers of ATRIEV.

Now 29 years old, ryan is happily married to Joanna and is already blessed with one daughter. He is eagerly awaiting his second child because his wife is once again pregnant.

Ryan’s goal is to be a good provider for his growing family. Like any other father, he wants to give the best future for his wife and children. Ryan also dreams of leading an organization like ATRIEV to serve his fellow visually impaired.